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Once a job seeker enters a Lowcountry SC Works Center they have taken their next step into a promising future.

Career Counseling

  • Counseling is available for Adults and Youth (18-24)
  • We help job seekers achieve the necessary skills to become successful.
  • We assist job seekers in navigating their way to employment, technical school, college, or even into the military.
  • We enlighten job seekers about options in the region and empower them to take this very important next step towards a new career and good quality of life.
  • If you are unemployed, underemployed, or new to the workforce; we can assist with resume writing, job readiness, interview skills, soft skills, individual employment plans, and goals to guide you down a path to success.

Advanced Job Training
Advanced job training is an organized program of study that provides specific vocational skills that lead to proficiency in performing actual job duties and technical functions required by different occupational fields at entry, intermediate, or advanced levels.

Industry Clusters of Focus are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Technical
  • Transportation, Distributions, Logistics (TDL)
  • Culinary
Supportive Services
For eligible job seekers financial assistance can be provided to help pay for the costs associated with training.  We assist with the cost of training, books, uniforms, required equipment/ supplies, transportation, and childcare.  You've already taken the first step on your path to success. There are resources available to you on your career journey to make the process easier.

Youth Work Experience 

The Work Experience (WEX) program is designed to provide job seekers (18-24) having little to no work experience up to a twelve (12) week paid program where they work in a real-world job environment. This is intended to give them the opportunity to develop soft skills and work experience that can then be included in a resume for seeking work where experience is required or preferred by the employer. All WEX participants are paid by Ross.

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