Water Quality Planning (208)

Water Quality Planning (208)

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) is responsible for the 208 (Wastewater) Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) for non-designated areas. Six Councils of Governments have been designated as Water Quality Planning Agencies for specific regions in South Carolina.

SCDHEC  Water Quality Management

The Lowcountry Council of Governments (LCOG) has been designated as the water quality management planning agency for the Lowcountry region. In order to facilitate a systematic and regional approach to protecting water quality, the LCOG is responsible for completing and updating the 208 Water Quality Management Plan, and for performing administrative functions for wastewater certifications (208 Certifications) in Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton, and Jasper Counties.

The implementation of the 208 Plan comprises the following three procedures:

  • Public Participation: The public are given the opportunity to participate in any revision or amendment proposed for the 208 Plan via public hearings.
  • Amendment: Plan amendments are required when there are, but not limited to, changes in operated wastewater treatment facility, conflicts with the applicable 208 Plan, and amendments’ jurisdictional Comprehensive Plan.
  • Conformance Review: A 208 certification is required to assure that construction or development on any type of structure requiring wastewater treatment conform with the 208 Plan.
To request a Conformance Review for your project, please fill out the form below and email it to Maleena Parkey, PhD, Principal Planner at mparkey@lowcountrycog.org.

Lowcountry Regional Water Quality Management Plan

208 Request Form  

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