Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a list of financially constrained transportation projects and services anticipated to occur in the near–term future. Transportation projects  on this list are derived from the Long Range Transportation Plan, a 20 year plan developed in coordination with member governments, SCDOT, and LRTA. Project Ranking based on fiscal constraint determines which projects identified within the LRTP will be included within the seven year TIP period. The TIP is also required to include all regionally significant projects receiving Federal funds, or for which Federal approval is required. The TIP  may be amended periodically throughout the year. Procedures for amending and modifying the LATS TIP are detailed in the LATS 2024-2033 TIP document


During the LATS Policy Committee meeting on February 2nd, 2024 , the Policy Committee unanimously adopted the FY 2024 – FY 2033 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

On January 19th, 2024, administrative modifications were made to the LATS TIP to reflect cost change to the US 278 Bridge Project.

On January 5th, 2024, administrative modifications were made to the LATS TIP to reflect cost change to the I-95 Widening from 8mm to 21mm project.

All Projects in Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Explore all projects programmed in the most recent Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Rural Transportation Improvement program (RTIP). The TIP and RTIP include projects programmed between FY 2024 and FY 2033.

The projects are categorized by type highlighted on the map. These include:

  • Road/Highway Projects
  • Intersections
  • Bike/Ped Projects
  • Studies
  • Bridge Projects
  • Interstate Projects

Click on the map and hover over any projects to see further details on description, cost, length, and more!

TIP Projects


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2024 - 2033 TIP, Amendments and Modifications/Corrections2 documents

  • LATS 2024-2033 TIP
    document seq 0.00
  • LATS 2024-2033 TIP Spreadsheet
    document seq 0.00

Amendments and Administrative Modifications/CorrectionsNo documents

2021 - 2027 TIP, Amendments and Modifications/Corrections24 documents

  • LATS 2021-2027 TIP
    document seq 0.00
  • LATS 2021-2027 TIP Spreadsheet
    document seq 0.00

2024 Amendments and Administrative Modifications/Corrections2 documents

  • January 19th, 2024 Administrative Modifications
    document seq 9.00
  • January 5th, 2024 Administrative Modifications
    document seq 10.00

2023 Amendments and Administrative Modifications/Corrections6 documents

  • December 1st, 2023 Administrative Modifications
    document seq 5.00
  • October 6th, 2023 Amendments
    document seq 6.00
  • June 2nd, 2023 Amendments
    document seq 7.00
  • April 27th, 2023 Amedments
    document seq 8.00
  • March 31st, 2023 Amendments
    document seq 9.00
  • February 3rd, 2023 Amedments
    document seq 10.00

2022 Amendments & Administrative Modifications/Corrections6 documents

  • December 2nd, 2022 Amendments
    document seq 82.00
  • October 7th, 2022 Amendments
    document seq 83.00
  • August 5th, 2022 Amendments
    document seq 84.00
  • May 13th, 2022 Amendments
    document seq 85.00
  • April 1st, 2022 Amendments
    document seq 86.00
  • February 4th, 2022 Administrative Modifications
    document seq 87.00

2021 Amendments and Administrative Modifications/Corrections5 documents

  • October 1st, 2021 Amendments
    document seq 0.00
  • August 6th, 2021 Administrative Correction-CRRSAA
    document seq 7.00
  • August 6th, 2021 Amendments
    document seq 8.00
  • June 4th, 2021 Amendments
    document seq 9.00
  • February 5th, 2021 Amendments
    document seq 10.00

2020 Amendments and Administrative Modifications/Corrections3 documents

  • November 19th, 2020 Amendments
    document seq 8.00
  • October 2nd, 2020 Amendments
    document seq 9.00
  • October 12th, 2020 Amendments
    document seq 10.00

2017 - 2022 TIP, Amendments and Modifications/Corrections2 documents

  • LATS 2017-2022 TIP
    document seq 0.00
  • LATS 2017-2022 TIP Spreadsheet
    document seq 0.00

2015 - 2019 TIP, Amendments and Modifications/Corrections1 document

  • LATS 2015-2019 TIP
    document seq 0.00