The Lowcountry Council of Government
s is responsible for developing the FEMA approved Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan for Beaufort, Jasper, Hampton, and Colleton Counties. 

The plans are currently being updated. To gather information for the update, the Lowcountry Council of Governments is conducting the community survey to gather residents’ opinions on personal experiences and perceptions of natural hazards (i.e. hurricanes, tornados, floods), planning and preparation for natural hazards, and support of community hazard mitigation activities. Your opinions will really help the LCOG in planning to save lives and to prevent major property damage and other losses caused by natural disasters in our region. 

HMP Survey

Since the 2015 plansthe region has responded to various hazardous events while also navigating changes in government policies and socio-economic conditions. Jurisdictions have adopted new comprehensive plans and development policies, the regional economy has expanded, and residents have witnessed firsthand the destruction from Hurricane Matthew, winter storms, and other events. 

The Lowcountry Council of Governments is updating the Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan for all four counties to explore these changes, streamline the process, and identify regional opportunities for hazard resilience. 

The overall guiding principles of the regional plan include: 

•    Bridging the unique needs and common goals of the four counties and their communities 

•    Saving lives and protecting property 

    Taking a regional approach 

•    Complementing the State Plan 

•    Accessing funding to implement recommendations