Comprehensive Plans & Zoning

Comprehensive Plans & Zoning

What we do:

The following Comprehensive Plan elements are offered in full or partly (if so desired) by the Planning Department:

  • Population

Analysis of past, present, and future trends in population, including demographic analysis to understand the characteristics of age, race, and household composition that influence the provision of community services.

  • Economic Development

Exploration of an area’s industry, employment, wealth, and factors that influence economic productivity.

  • Natural Resources

Inventory of the dominant environmental characteristics that may provide opportunities or constraints to growth, provide resources for sustainable habitation, or those that raise concerns for environmental health and safety.

  • Cultural and Historical Resources

Documentation of the key sites, buildings, and institutions that serve to distinguish community character and enrich quality of life.

  • Community Facilities 

Inventory of essential services related to community welfare including water, sewer, emergency services, and educational facilities.

  • Housing 

The number, age, value, occupancy, and typology of existing housing stock, trends in construction, affordability, and community housing needs.

  • Land Use 

Examination of existing and future land use and directs growth according to analysis from other elements.

  • Transportation 

A broad consideration of the many modes of travel, existing infrastructure, roadway performance, and future needs for transportation improvements.

  • Priority Investment
Analysis of funding sources and expenditure on key capital projects for a ten year period.

  • Resiliency
Inventory of existing resiliency conditions and promotion of resiliency planning. It includes the impacts of natural hazards on individuals, communities, institutions, businesses, economic development, public infrastructure and facilities, and public health, safety and welfare.    

Past work:

2023 Town of Edisto Beach Comprehensive Plan
2022 Town of Hampton Comprehensive Plan
2017 Town of Ridgeland Comprehensive Plan
Additional Comprehensive Plans