LATS-Rural 2045 LRTP Survey

The Lowcountry Council of Governments (LCOG) is working to update the Lowcountry Area Transportation Study (LATS) 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and Rural Area LRTP. The goal is to create an efficient, multi-modal transportation system that will increase the mobility of people and goods within the Lowcountry. The plans will identify transportation needs for the urbanized and rural areas over the next 20 years and provide a set of multimodal strategies to address these needs. The LRTP survey will help shape the vision of the plan and identify the incremental steps to achieve it.

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For more information, please visit LATS-LCOG 2045 LRTPs website or contact Stephanie Rossi, Planning Director, at or 843-473-3958.