May 2021 Newsletter

Everything is in bloom at LCOG! We are excited about all that is happening in the Lowcountry. This month, we celebrate May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mothers' Day, and Memorial Day. Celebrations are different than last year and we are grateful. As we take advantage of our "newfound" freedoms, let's remember that everyone is not feeling that joy. There are those mourning loved ones, relationships, and/or jobs lost to COVID-19. As the world turns a new page, LCOG is urging you to extend your kindness and support to those who may still be dealing with the harsh effects of the pandemic.
In this edition of our newsletter, you will celebrate Ms. Dottie Warren's retirement and find out about an opportunity to give the Town of Bluffton feedback. Also, you will discover how TCL wants to help you start a new career and learn about a chance to win big prizes from the Lowcountry Area Agency on Aging.