Jasper Ocean Terminal is Underway

The State Ports Authority agreed Tuesday to transfer its 50% ownership of the planned $5 billion Jasper Ocean Terminal to Jasper County, increasing the odds that the long-delayed economic development project will be built.

In the past week, as part of a debate over whether the state should borrow $550 million to bring more technology and rail service to the port in Charleston, state officials also have looked at what it would take to jumpstart construction of the Jasper Terminal.

The Jasper terminal, about 1,500 acres, was planned as a solution to future overcrowding in the Charleston and Savannah terminals, with the two states sharing the costs equally. But as the port’s completion was delayed by a decade to 2035 because it wouldn’t be needed in South Carolina, State Port Authority officials previously said, Georgia began looking at other options.

GPA has discussed plans for a new terminal on Hutchinson Island just north of downtown Savannah and construction of a replacement for the Talmadge Bridge to allow bigger container ships into Georgia current port. If the transfer agreement is signed by the S.C. Ports Authority and Jasper County, Georgia would likely have to agree to ditch its new plans and refocus on the Jasper terminal if it were to make any headway.

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