Agriculture Technology Campus

On September 2, the SouthernCarolina Alliance announced the $314 million project called the Agriculture Technology Campus (ATC) near Early Branch, that will create more than 1,500 jobs. In addition to creating more jobs for South Carolinians, we will also benefit from having locally-grown produce. Finally, produce grown in our backyard will go directly from the farm to the table. ATC will use recycled rainwater and high-tech climate controls in their greenhouses. The farming companies will grow tomatoes, various greens, berries and other crops sustainably. The ATC project connects two highly respected indoor farming companies, Mastronardi Produce and Clear Water Farms; as well as LiDestri Food and Drink, known in the agriculture industry as a co-packer. For more information, visit the SouthernCarolina Alliance website.
We look forward to all the positive impacts such a huge project will have on our rural communities. Kudos to Hampton County