Economic Development

Economic Development Programs

Economic Development Administration (EDA)
EDA grants help to fulfill regional economic development strategies designed to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship, advance regional competitiveness, create higher-skill, living-wage jobs, generate private investment, and fortify and grow industry clusters.

Lowcountry Regional Development Corporation (LRDC)
LRDC is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization that was established in 1989 as an economic development tool to assist in financial packaging of economic development projects. It has acted primarily as a shell corporation in landlord /tenant arrangements on behalf of the local governments in the region.  The Executive Committee serves as the board for the LRDC. Sabrena Graham is the Managing Agent and Michelle Knight serves as the Recording Secretary. 

Small Business Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)
The Small Business RLF was funded by the Economic Development Administration and SC Budget and Control Board. It is still active in our region, but is run by our sister agency, Catawba COG. We can make referrals and facilitate meetings on your behalf.

Lowcountry Economic Development District (LEDD)
The Lowcountry Economic Development District was established in 1975 and is responsible for the development of the now called CEDS which places the region in a position to pursue Economic Development Administration funds to support things like business expansion, infrastructure expansion for business, industrial park development where there are company commitments to locate in play. All EDA projects are recommended to go through the LEDD because applicants have to get a confirmation that their projects are consistent with the current CEDS documents.